Google Chrome is one of the most adaptable and well-liked web browsers among web developers because of the vast library of open source, frequently free, and always useful extensions accessible through Chrome’s marketplace.

Instantly downloadable Chrome extensions help each Google account user create a unique online surfing UX. Every day, millions of people use Google Chrome extensions to simplify their life for work, leisure, or a combination of the two.

It’s not simple to work in the field of web development. We could all use some assistance from time to time, regardless of how many years of industry expertise we may have, or even if we were born and raised programmers. Our selection of the top 16 Chrome extensions for web developers fills that need.

These Chrome extensions for web developers have you covered whether the extension suggests utilising a super simple function like screen-capturing, something specialised like a Lorem Ipsum placeholder text generator, or a service far more involved like using Netscape cookies or exporting them in JSON.

Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

We’ll go through the top 16 Google Chrome extensions in this post, which are quite helpful for engineers, designers, and problem-solvers who work as chrome extensions developers in the web development industry.

Web Developer

Simply said, no web developer should be without this addon. After all, it’s all in the name! Web Developer adds a helpful toolbar to your browser as a Chrome extension, replete with a wide range of practical tools used by web developers on a regular basis. With the press of a button, you may use these tools to perform activities like examining javascript, resizing photos, turning on or off pop-up windows, and showing link information, among many other things.


For marketing groups, graphic designers, and illustrators working in the web development sector, this is among the greatest Chrome extensions. An eye-dropper, colour picker, CSS gradient generator, and website colour analyzer are just a few of the colourful, user-friendly features that are immediately available to you when you import ColorZilla into Firefox (which provides palettes based on any site).

ColorZilla Chrome Extension Features

Additionally, ColorZilla keeps track of recently examined colours and palettes so you always have access to your work. To analyse, copy, and paste colour from any website into another website or programme, use ColorZilla.


It’s very hard to differentiate between distinct font types with the naked eye without years of education in typography. You can contrast a typeface you like with examples from other sources. You can never be quite certain of what you’re seeing without WhatFont, though.

WhatFont Chrome Extension Features

You may use the WhatFont Chrome extension to quickly and easily determine which font(s) are being used on any given website. It is quick and simple to use, doesn’t take up much space, and lets you keep a list of typefaces you’ve seen on websites you like for later use.

Window Resizer

Chrome Extension Window Resizer

Every web developer routinely faces the challenge of optimising web pages, sites, and software to work as well as possible across a variety of sizes and devices. Every few years, a brand-new gadget with internet and app store capabilities hits the market, radically upending the web development sector. To make sure your builds are optimised for use on all devices, you can quickly and simply test them across a range of screen sizes using Window Resizer.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Chrome Extension Lorem Ipsum Generator

Placeholder text is essential while developing websites and web development tools. Clients may then view potential placements for their website content, enabling you to continue developing your website, app, or application with text in mind. However, creating your placeholder text would take a lot of time and effort. Welcome: Ipsum Generator Lorem

Features of the Chrome Extension for Lorem Ipsum

For web developers, the Lorem Ipsum generator Chrome extension is fantastic since it lets you insert Latin-based placeholder text into your webpages. It may be customised in terms of the number and length of paragraphs, font size, titles, dates, and other factors.

Clear Cache

Chrome Extension Clear Cache

Our caches and a backlog of web browser history are quickly filled up by building websites and development tools. By using Delete Cache, you may quickly clear your cache rather than going through the convoluted Google Chrome options menu.

Clear Cache Chrome Extensions Features

It is a highly customisable browser plugin that was especially created for web developers and gives you the ability to clean your cache with just one click, among other things. You may decide exactly what to clear, how to remove your cache historically, and whether to clean it for all websites or just some (the whole cache or just elements of it).


Google Chrome Extension Wappalyzer

Have you ever came across a website that you really adored in terms of how it looked and felt but couldn’t figure out how it was made? Well, that’s all taken care of by this wildly popular Chrome browser extension. Developers have downloaded Wappalyzer more than 1,000,000 times, and it is also well regarded.

Wappalyzer dissects the many web development tools used to build a site, including CMS, frameworks, eCommerce platforms, and JavaScript libraries, so you can learn how to do it yourself and hone your own skills.


One of the most challenging tasks a web developer may encounter is determining the precise dimensions of a web page, picture, or other site component. Thankfully, the process only requires one mouse click with Dimensions installed.

Features of the Dimensions Chrome Extension

Simply activate the Chrome extension and drag the cursor anywhere on the screen to instantly see the precise page measurements on the X and Y axes, measured outward from the mouse pointer. One of those Chrome extensions for web development that you didn’t realise how much you needed was this one.


Every REST API developer is well aware of how time-consuming and annoying it can be to attempt to read raw JSON data in a web browser. Naturally, it’s still feasible, but the goal of our ranking of the top Chrome extensions for web developers is to move beyond the realm of the feasible and toward the realm of the easy. Making the procedure as simple as possible, this specific extension, JSONView, enables you to validate JSON documents and examine the files in tree-view within your browser.

Even if you don’t think that having the power to edit, change, block, and export cookies is immediately important, Devs will surely need this Chrome extension sooner or later. With cookies, EditThisCookie successfully carries out what it promises to achieve.

Features of the EditThisCookie Chrome Extension

You can alter cookies on particular sites to whatever degree is necessary with EditThisCookie. Cookies may be modified, added, deleted, searched for, protected, exported, blocked, and imported. It is possible to set even the maximum cookie expiration date.


Check My Links

Backlinks, internal links, and external linkages Your websites will probably be flooded with hyperlinks since there is so much stuff on the internet and there are so many advantages to linking it all (particularly for SEO purposes or in academic settings). The issue is that it’s difficult to make sure they all operate properly without manually going through and clicking on each one.

Verify My Links Features of Chrome Extensions

Check My Link may be done with only one click thanks to the Chrome extension. The plugin explores your website in search of broken links. It displays broken links in red and functional connections in green.

Page Ruler

Similar to dimensions, Page Ruler gives you a little bit more precision and information than the previous extension. Simply said, Page Ruler provides you with the precise measurement, down to the last pixel, between any point you choose. Use of the attachment is quite simple. Simply click and drag from one page to the next by clicking the beginning point. The addon will outline the region with an orange box, providing you with the total pixels for the area’s length, breadth, height, width, and area.

CSS Viewer

Due to its incredibly straightforward yet equally effective (and hence popular) design, CSS Viewer, another original Firefox add-on, was transferred over to Google Chrome. In your capacity as web developers, much as you may use Wappalyzer to ascertain the programmes used to create a page, you’ll occasionally need to be able to inspect the CSS of a certain page or element on a page.

Features of the CSS Viewer Chrome Extension

By simply hovering over any element on the website you’ve selected, CSS Viewer enables you to accomplish that. The CSS Viewer assesses and refreshes the CSS you’re seeing as you move your cursor.


Ghostery is one of those Chrome extensions that helps us out in general and wasn’t particularly created with web developers in mind. Ghostery is a powerful privacy tool that lets you fine-tune how your browser interacts with it.

I personally use it to block all adverts, halt tracking, prohibit data collecting, and block any other website components that might distract me from my job and slow me down.

Features of the Chrome Extension Ghostery

Web developers should use Ghostery as a Chrome plugin since it guarantees quick and easy interactions with your browser.


Chrome Extension Hiver

The foundation of web development is communication. Managing your Gmail emails and working effectively in-app are essential for your success, whether the success of your business depends on the channels of communication between you and a larger team or directly between you and a customer. Hiver was created as a productivity-boosting tool for groups that manage their work over Gmail.

Hiver Chrome Extension Features

It allows you to annotate emails with notes for later viewing (or others to see), assign emails to various team members as tasks, manage those tasks, and even automate many of these activities for maximum efficiency.

Test IE extension

For the best site testing, Test IE, also known as BrowserStack, should be used in conjunction with Window Resizer. Similar to Window Reiser, the Test IE Chrome extension enables web designers to evaluate the responsiveness and user experience of their recently developed websites.

Test the features of the IE Chrome Extension

BrowserStack/Test IE presents your website in a variety of browsers, including Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, rather than presenting it in various window sizes on various devices (IE6-IE11). Thus, you can make sure that your site functions flawlessly regardless of the user’s preferred browser by utilising the Test IE Chrome extension for web developers.


It can take a lifetime (and beyond) to become an expert in the highly specialised field of web development. As long as there are web developers, development tools, customer expectations, and the internet will probably all continue to evolve (hence the moniker).

While we could take pleasure in our capacity to surf the waves of change while consistently keeping one step ahead of the curve, we shouldn’t have to do so in the absence of the necessary tools. After all, would you anticipate a demolition worker to use a hammer and chisel to bring down a building? No! You anticipate her to be armed with dynamite and a wrecking ball!

The web developer community should automatically follow the same rule.

There is a Chrome extension for any web developer’s requirement, whether it is for fast generating placeholder font and colour palettes, reading their CSS, or effectively testing responsiveness for new site designs in various window sizes.



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